Canine Reflections

I never wanted a Husky, or a German Shepherd.  I wanted a nice big lazy Irish Wolfhound.  I got Honey.

IMAG0477 cropped


My incredibly irritating dog to go with my incredibly irritating personality.  When I went to visit Honey for the first time, she pulled the foster owner to the ground and rolled over in my arms and that was that.  It’s kind of amazing how much of a mirror this dog is for myself.



Huskies are notoriously catlike, and while Honey may be (supposedly) half German Shepherd, her personality is all Husky.  I grew up around cats for the first eleven years of my life, more used to their brand of occasional affection.

Scan_Pic0001 (5)


It’s clear that Honey is not a Golden Retriever craving your attention or validation.  She certainly wants it from me from time to time, but mostly she’s pretty happy doing her own thing.  When we’re out together, her attention is on virtually everything but me.  There is, after all, a world to explore.



Honey is periods of manic activity interspersed with the occasional rest, much like myself whether it’s sports or writing.  This is a dog that likes to be going a million miles an hour when on, but does have an off button.  Usually we’re in sync.  Sometimes not.


She shares my fondness for chaos in a way that few dogs can.  I always say about Huskies, this dog was not bred to love, it was bred to destroy.  Luckily that destruction has been confined to the worlds I pen in my head, and yards and bones between us respectively.


Both of us are obnoxious at times, often instigators with mischievous streaks.  But there can be no doubt that we go together.



A little like fire and gasoline.






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