Better than I Thought

When I put down the keyboard and took a glance at the ninety-one turned fifty-one thousand words of the pornographic Vengeance Series, I was wrought with frustration.  ‘It’s still a mess,’ I said to myself, and it was.  Still too much like my earlier works where words didn’t quite fit and ideas were reused to the point of redundancy.

I don’t know what it is that causes me to underrate the things I write as I write them.  I said similar things about Kissing Ellen King.  It’s too rough, it needs a lot of work, it’s my worst production yet in terms of a first draft.  And when I went to edit, I ended up changing far less than I thought I would.

Vengeance is not without issues…but it’s better than I thought.  The removal of almost half the series did a lot to keep me from overusing scenes, and my additions kept things cohesive.  Time still passes in too great leaps sometimes, but I think this fast-forwarding is necessary to get the story where it needs to go.

It should perhaps be taken as it was originally written, episodically, otherwise you run the risk of over-saturating yourself like you’re on a late-night Netflix binge, watching eleven episodes in a row of a show you used to love and then not being able to stand it for three months.

I like the characters I have built, the confident protagonist, unwilling to let the perceptions of others run his life, and the neophyte submissive, slowly unfolding the intricacies of a new world.  It’s overly sexual and crude, intentionally, (which I mean to say is that there is a lot of fucking.  A lot of fucking.) but I think there is some charm in the pair as they construct a relationship that works for the two of them.  I endeavored to keep the bondage and the scenarios as realistic as possible, while keeping in mind that in this sort of genre things are boring if they’re not a little fantastic.

Hopefully people find enjoyment in reading it, and that enjoyment outpaces its flaws.  It’s one of the worst things I’ll publish in terms of overall value, but perhaps it will end up being better than I thought.


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