On the Horizon: The Vengeance Series

Alright, so I’ve stowed away the finished Nymph Story to age while I work on other things.  (I usually don’t edit immediately after finishing a work, I take a break from it.)  I finally edited and published Haven after having it sitting in my “Currently Working On” folder for six months.  (To be fair, this was because I was writing ‘Nymph Story.’)  That leaves me with time to work on a new project.

Enter: The Vengeance Series

The Vengeance Series is a series of pornographic BDSM-themed short stories that I wrote between 2005 and 2009-ish.  They, along with some other stories, helped me become the 8th highest rated writer (username: the author) on XNXX (Warning: NSFW).  I didn’t think I was ever going to let them see the light of day because the writing isn’t very good, and there are some themes in them that I don’t find particularly interesting anymore.

Well I read through them again, and the writing (while still sub-par), is better than I remember, and I really like the characters.  Right now it’s less an editing process, and more deciding what I need to add and take away.  There are forty chapters, but maybe only 25 are any good and really contribute to the overall theme of the story.

They read like a series of bondage scenes, linked by the characters, but relatively independent of one another.  I’m not sure if I want to stick with this, or add some non-sexual vanilla chapters to help the flow.  (Probably not as I don’t have much interest in the non-sexual aspect of BDSM relationships.)  I don’t really want to tease the series at this point, but I think my method of editing is going to be to completely finish each piece.  So I may post the first chapter in a few days.


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