A Writing Update and a Preview

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know that I finished ‘Nymph Story’ today, bringing it in at about 109,000 words with roughly 800 words worth of notes and plans to perhaps add a chapter or two in editing.  Editing, my old foe…it’s been a while since we met.  Those that know me know I am a prolific (it means writes a lot) writer and a procrastinating editor.  So as far as a publication date, it will probably be several months.  However, if a few people want to read the rough version, I’m open to that.

Coming Soon(er):

Lesbian Story

I know, I need to do better at these titles.  Earlier this year I wrote a short story (around 15,000 words) about two young (high school/college) girls named Persephone and Yvette.  Yvette, the older of the two, has lusted after Persephone for some time, watching her develop from a gangly youth into a (slightly less gangly) young woman.  Persephone, a nerdy bookworm, is taken aback by Yvette’s advances, but intrigued by a type of relationship she had never considered.  As the girls get to know one another, Yvette struggles to reconcile with a relationship that the church has taught her is sinful while Persephone fights to maintain their secrecy around her abusive mother.

Future Projects:


In college, mostly from 2005-2007, I wrote a series of about fifty erotic (read: pornographic) short stories known as the Vengeance series.  They were pretty popular in the BDSM niche on XNXX and many people have told me I should publish them.  The writing is about what you’d expect from a virginal 19-21 year old me so they do need quite a bit of work, and perhaps some story to mix in between sex scenes, but the easy part, the writing, is finished.

The Void

A few weeks ago I came up with this idea for a story called The Void about a dream universe shared by six victims of emotional and physical abuse.  Star Trek fans will recognize some similarities with the Unimatrix Zero episode of Voyager.  I haven’t really thought much about it beyond the premise, but it’s an idea I really like.  I have no idea if it will end up being a short story, or a more novel-length work.

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  1. Congratulations! That’s a heck of a lot of words! 🙂 What is your Twitter? I’m @lifeofathinker

    Great blog you’ve got here! I’ll be sure to follow! 🙂

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