Madison Roper is Skankarella, a shy purple-haired lesbian trapped under the oppressive thumb of her religious stepmother and whatever tortures her morally and cranially vacant stepsisters can devise. Julia Prince is a tomboyish and athletic freshman at the University of Kansas. Pushed towards an engineering major by a father that always wanted a son, and towards a stereotypical boy-chasing feminine life by a mother who wants ‘another one of the girls,’ Julia is often frustrated as her clandestine desires to both write for a living and date women mean she will inevitably be a disappointment to her parents.

A chance encounter at a comic book convention causes the girls to become enamored with one another, but the obstacles they face are numerous. Their second meeting is cut short by Madison’s evil stepmother and Julia is left with only a sketchbook bearing Madison’s first name. Still, neither the well meaning ignorance of her parents nor the disapproving eyes of rural Kansas can keep her from searching for the woman she is positive she’s meant to be with. Likewise, Madison is determined to emerge from her stepmother’s and stepsisters’ abuses with her orientation and individuality intact and shed the label of Skankarella for good.

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