Arnett Tanner Wants to Die

Medical and data storage technology have advanced to the point where people’s consciousnesses can be downloaded and reintegrated into a new body after physical death, thus making immortality a reality. The United States government has gone one step further and mandated this immortality, requiring each citizen to regularly create personality backups in the event that they unexpectedly perish.

Arnett Tanner is an extremely intelligent man, and infamous for having performed the most suicides. He seeks an end to what he considers to be an unyielding torment in the continued mediocrity and monotony of never-ending life. He has become bored with the world, and is convinced that it tires of him as well.

Standing opposite Tanner is Lars Hanson, his Suicide Watch Officer who has been tasked with reconstructing the mental health of his patient. Lately his job description has degraded to keeping Tanner from trying to kill himself by any means necessary.

At his wits’ end and under pressure from his superiors at the Death Watch Agency, Lars enrolls Tanner in an archaic and controversial form of therapy hoping that the trek into the past will appeal to Tanner’s desire for an earlier time and succeed where the DWA’s drug program could not.

As the eccentric therapist wades into Tanner’s mind, pushing him towards certain conclusions the suicide cases begins to suspect that his SWO may have had ulterior motives for enrolling him in the sessions.

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